What We Do

"The Clowning for Kidz Foundation was created to meet the needs of children and help them to develop character through the art of clowning." Jim Allard President and Co-Founder

Clowning for Kidz has several programs and initiatives to meet the needs of children and serve the community. Below are a few examples of the programs which we are currently administering. In the future, we will examine additional opportunities when our board feels that it is appropriate for them to do so.

Micro-Grants - Clowning for Kidz receives referrals/requests from a growing network of Licensed medical mental health and therapeutic professionals to provide children under the age of 16 with micro-grants to cover expenses related to medical,psychological, and or therapeutic needs which are not covered by medical insurance to ensure that they can live happy and healthy lives.

Partnerships - Clowning for Kidz will partner with and support like-minded organizations which help to provide support to abused and or neglected, at-risk children, provide teen scholarships, and other 501(C)-(3) foundations which are dedicated to the well-being of children.

Clown Workshops- Clowning for Kidz provides workshops to children and adults to help them develop character and to learn the art of clowning. These workshops also serve as a basis for self-empowerment, and as way to develop their social skills. We will also inform and empower young people about the importance of civic engagement, and connect them with opportunities to help others through our community appearances, which allow us to share the healing power of laughter, and continue our mission to help fulfill the needs of children.

Educational Kits - Clowning for Kidz provides several educational kits for licensed educators to borrow, with the aspiration that their use will encourage children to be happy and healthy. In the future, we hope to expand our library include other topics which focus on the well-being of children.

Community Appearances - Clowning for Kidz appears at various community events throughout New England and beyond, to share the healing power of laughter and to empower children of all ages to laugh and smile. These appearances also provide our volunteers with tangible opportunities to share their time and talents and make a positive impact in the community by helping others to laugh.