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Our Mission Statement

The CLOWNING FOR KIDZ FOUNDATION was organized and formed as a 501-(C)(3) organization for the sole purpose of helping to meet the needs of children. Our desire is to teach and advance the art of clowning to build strong character. Our “fun-raisers” will develop revenue to support our micro-grants program to meet the needs of children, as well as our clowning workshops, awareness programs, and scholarships. We will partner with other charitable organizations that also specialize in advancing the well-being of children. Through this vision, we aspire that their future is happy, healthy, and safe.

The Clowning for Kidz Foundation is a truly a special and unique organization because it brings together people of all ages (2-80) from all walks of life together for a common goal, to meet the needs of children. We provide our volunteers with training and the opportunities to volunteer their time and talents and use laughter to make the world a better place. Volunteers of the Clowning for Kidz Foundation appear at various “fun”raisers throughout the year including Community Events, and Clowning for Kidz Annual Car Show to empower children of all ages to laugh and smile, and to raise funds which are used to support our philanthropic efforts to change the world one smile at a time.

Our Vision is to invest in the future of children

The Clowning for Kidz Foundation provides micro-grants to help children with medical or psychological needs, which are not covered by medical insurance, to help them reach their full potential to be happy and healthy kids. We also shall support and partner with associations for abused, neglected, and at-risk children, teen scholarships, charitable foundations, and other 501(C)-(3)Through this vision, we aspire that their future is happy, healthy and safe. Clowning for Kidz also shall provide workshops to teach the art of clowning to children and adults and use it as a tool to develop character and connect them with opportunities to volunteer.

Our dream, one day, is to have an international network of Clowning for Kidz Foundation chapters staffed with like-minded volunteers. The World Runs on Laughter and we hope by sharing our love, laughter, and resources, we will bring genuine smiles to the faces of all children.

Miles of Smiles!

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This video is of a holiday party in the Philippines for children which we co-sponsored and provided them with school supplies.

"Thanks to Clowning for Kidz - the hard work of some of the parents and our truck driver - the day was a complete success!"